GSoC 2020 : Extending the PEcAn API | Wrap Up

Wrapping Up GSoC 2020!

My GitHub Contributions during the period of GSoC 2020

Project Summary

  • PEcAn Library (rpecanapi): This is the R library intended for PEcAn users to work with
  • PEcAn RESTful API: This consists of all the endpoints which allows users to remotely interact with PEcAn servers

Potential Impact of the Project

Work Completed during GSoC 2020

  1. Phase 1 (May 21 to June 28) focused primarily on understanding the PEcAn database and catering to the basic GET requests that were needed by users to retrieve information for completing a workflow configuration. The end of this phase also saw the birth of the rpecanapi repository.
  2. Phase 2 (June 29 to July 26) involved bringing the rpecanapi up to terms with the API server, implementing all the GET functionality defined in the API. This phase also targeted a much more rigorous implementation in order to allow users to submit a workflow (as an XML file) using the API and also plot required variables from run outputs. Another highlight of this phase was the dockerization of the API server. All corresponding rpecanapi functions were also developed and tested.
  3. Phase 3 (July 27 to August 24) saw me refining the code and catering to some feature requests made by the community members (in terms of additional endpoints). Workflow submission was extended to JSON formats as well and downloading of files from PEcAn servers was enabled using the API. This phase also involved authoring the much needed vignette for using rpecanapi after actually implementing all necessary functions. Towards the close of the last phase, I managed to add pkgdown integrations and set up a GitHub Page for rpecanapi.

PEcAn API Server

rpecanapi Package

Final Video Presentation: The API in Action!

Here’s a video of me walking through the usage of the rpecanapi & the PEcAn API server



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Tezan Sahu

Data & Applied Scientist at Microsoft | B. Tech from IIT Bombay | GSoC’20 with PEcAn Project